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About Us

About Saletag

What is SaleTag

SaleTag is a marketplace for finding clearance sale bargains, cut-price sale offers and various other discount deals on men’s clothing, women’s clothing, men's shoes, women's shoes, men's accessories and women's accessories. Explore hundreds of thousands of amazing deals from hundreds of popular fashion designer brands and save as much as 95% across a wide range of styles. You can also search for relevant voucher and discount codes and use them in conjunction to squeeze your saving up even more.

One stop destination

Finding fashion bargains online is not your average run-of-the-mill task. It requires specific skills, dedication and lots of time. You either use a search engine or visit all your favourite online stores one by one to see if there is a deal that meets your quality standard, style and price.

As you have probably experienced, the process is tedious and consumes a lot of your precious time. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if there was one single place where you can go and easily find what you are looking for with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Well, enter, your one stop destination to discover clearance sale bargains on men’s clothing, women’s clothing, men’s footwear, women’s footwear, men’s accessories, women’s accessories from all your favourite UK brands.

Save both money and time

At SaleTag our mission is to help you save both money and time, as they are equally precious. We have developed this platform to help you quickly discover the latest and greatest fashion bargains online. Buy more for less and up your shopping power to the max.

Just tell us your requirements and we will find your perfect outfit in no time. We do all the heavy lifting for you and save you from all the trouble of scouring the web, searching for deals and wasting your time in despair.

We have the largest collection of clearance sale offers that you can find anywhere on the web. All of our offers are up to date and validated. We have designed an array of tools that you can utilise to easily find your desired outfit deal at the shortest amount of time.

Quality products from quality brands

Buy quality products from quality brands at the fraction of their original cost. We have partnered with the biggest brands in the UK to bring you the best possible savings online. Why compromise on quality, when you can find the style you want at the price you want.

We are constantly in touch with our partners and receive notifications as soon as new discounts become available and immediately list them on our site. If there is a deal somewhere, you can be sure to find it here as well. You can also follow brands that you like and get notified of their new offers.

We often receive exclusive discount offers from our partners that are only available on our site and can only be used by our users. Be sure to snap them up before they expire, as they do often very quickly.

How does it work

We have developed deep learning tools that are constantly monitoring hundreds of online fashion retailers, looking for specific deals that are of interest to our users. As soon as one gets posted we collect it immediately and present it to our users. We have worked hard for years to develop theses tools and we are confident of their abilities.

We take users experience on our site seriously, and take every measure to make sure the offers we put forth in front of our customers are what they are looking for, and are of excellent quality.

We thoroughly check every offers we receive, validate their reliability and filter out the things irrelevant to you and present you exactly what you’re after in the most intuitive way.

How do we make money?

We do not charge our users in any way or shape. You are free to use our site, it's offers, vouchers and discount codes listed on our website and make as much savings as possible without worry of incurring any cost from us.

We make some money from white-hat advertising that we think will add value to our site visitors. We also earn a small commission from some partner merchants when you make a purchase through an offer on our site.

The commissions that we receive from our partners have no impact on how we list or rank offers on our website. We treat all brands equally regardless of their affiliation with us. We rank offers based on quality and how relevant they are to our users.